"I-Stop Insurance helped me with a Medicare Advantage plan that is great for my needs.  However, it has a fairly high hospital copay that would be difficult for me to pay.  So they showed me a Hospital Indemnity plan that will cover most of the hospital copay, and the monthly premiums are affordable."  LC

Hospital Indemnity

There are several types of Supplemental Insurance available to help you manage out-of-pocket healthcare costs.  One of the most popular is Hospital Indemnity, which pays fixed amounts for hospital admission, daily hospital confinement or both.  Some plans add additional benefits as well.  Other plans to consider, especially for Medicare and retirement planning, are Home Care and Recovery Care. 


Individuals of all ages might consider Cancer/Critical Illness coverage. Not all of the expenses associated with cancer treatment are medical costs.  Some cancer plans pay a lump sum upon diagnosis which you can use any way you like, such as to compensate for travel for treatment, lost wages, etc. 


Short Term Disability can help protect your income if you are injured or have a lingering illness. 


Did you know some health insurance does NOT pay if you're in an auto accident?  An Accident insurance plan can help with expenses incurred from an auto accident.  


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